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For Kids: Controlling Asthma Triggers

Some things make your asthma get worse. They're called triggers. First you have to find out what your triggers are. Then try to stay away from them. Ask your family and friends to help you stay away from your triggers. You might also need to take medicine every day. This makes triggers bother you less. Below are some triggers that may cause your asthma symptoms to get worse or flare up.

Healthcare provider listening to girl's chest with stethoscope. Woman standing nearby.
Your healthcare provider can help you learn how to control your asthma triggers.


Very hot or cold weather can make your asthma worse. If it’s cold outside, try wearing a scarf over your nose and mouth. If it's very hot, you might want to play inside.

Smoke, pollution

If someone smokes near you, ask them to move away from you or go outside. Or you can move away. Staying away from smoke will help your lungs feel better. And don’t ever start smoking. Also, don't use e-cigarettes. Pay attention to air quality levels and forecasts during wildfires. Don't go outdoors if air pollution levels are poor. Don't burn wood indoors.

Dust, dust mites

Keep your books and toys in boxes with lids. Carpets, sofas, and chairs can be full of dust, too. So don’t lie or sleep on them. And if you stay overnight at a friend’s house, take your own pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag from home.

Two girls laughing.
Take your own pillow when you sleep away from home. And don't sleep on the floor.

Pets, animal dander

Your pet's dander or your friend's pet's dander may trigger your asthma symptoms. If you have a pet, try to keep it out of your room and off of your bed. Also ask your family to brush and bathe your pet often. When you go to a friend's house, try to play in rooms away from their pets.

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